When you can claim Hawaii Workmans Compensation?

When you can claim Hawaii Workmans Compensation?


If you have hit an accident which resulted in illness or injury on body then you are planning eligible for the Hawaii Workmans Compensation provided two factors –

  1. The accident must have help during the course of job duty.
  2. The employer has a workmen compensation cover.


Majorly, all the employers are required to maintain a workmen compensation reserve. However the rules applicable may vary from state to state. Apart from this, if you work as freelancer or consultant of the company, you may not get the benefits of the workman’s compensation fund. However many companies cover such employees also to save itself from the possible legal suits and also fulfil its social responsibilities. You should check the company policy and work contact to check the terms regarding this matter.


You can also hire a good lawyer to get the most benefits of Hawaii Workmans Compensation. The attorney will negotiate with the company on your behalf and make you avail the compensatory benefits of medical expenses, leave due to injury, and lifelong financial assistance in case of permanent disability. The workman’s compensation lawyer has a better understanding of rule and regulations for employee’s benefits thus the employer cannot escape from his duties.

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